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Every 2017 Health Care Alternative

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Christian Healthcare Sharing Programs

Most Affordable, Big PPO network, & no Obamacare Tax Penalty

2017 Short-Term Health Plans

Very affordable, short aplication, almost instant coverage, but excludes conditions and subject to Obamacare Tax penalty.

Small Business Group Health Plans

Best way for small business owners to get quality coverage and access to broad Dr. and hospital networks.

Reduce Deductible Risk with These Affordable Plans

Reduce your out of pocket risk from high deductible health plans with accident, critical illness, and Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plans.

2017 Medicare Supplement, Advantage and Part D Plans

Medicare Plans for Ages 65+ and SSDI.

Other Benefits You Need and Want

We represent the most affordable dental, vision, and life insurance plans.

Obamacare, "On Exchange" Health Insurance Plans

2017 "On Exchange" Subsidized Health Insurance Plans Info

Obamacare "Off-Exchange" Health Insurance Plans

2017 "Off-Exchange" Un-Subsidized Health Plans Info

Consequences of No Health Insurance

What happens if you don't have health coverage in 2017.

2017 Obamacare Compliance & Regulations

2017 compliance and regulatory issues.

Obamacare Tax Penalties

How to Avoid 2017 Obamacare Tax Penalties.

VA, Tri-Care and VA Benefits

Medicaid, Tri-Car and Veterans Administration Resources.

Why Us?

Expertise & Experience

There's no health care option we don't know and offer.  Benefit from our years of training, certification and experience.

Client Support

We're readily available to help solve client problems and make recommendations by phone, email, text, and webinars.

Save Gobs of Time

You could call around or browse to unknown websites and still not find or learn everything that we can offer you for health care.

Earned Trust

Our clients will tell you that you can believe us.  Unlike part-time or seasonal call center staff from government agencies or at online sites, we know what we're talking about.

Reduce Risk

We help you weigh your options.  You could unknowingly risk hundreds of thousands of dollars in healthcare expenses, or not be able to see the doctors or get the medications you need if you make the wrong decision.

Save $$$$$

We'll save you money.  Not only in what you pay every month, but in what you'll pay when you see a doctor, hospital, or pharmacy.

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